Liquid Ring Compressors

GARO liquid ring compressors are custom built OEM solutions for highly toxic, explosive and corrosive processes. They can handle many gases including flare gas, chlorine, and most condensable and non-condensable gases.


With their rugged design, GARO compressors offers optimum performance and low maintenance. They meet design specs while maintaining a simple design and rugged construction.

With GARO Liquid Ring Technology, the effects of erosion, corrosion, vibration and noise are minimized.

  • Casing with Double Eccentricity - Allows for perfect balancing of radial forces on the rotor.
  • Overhung Impeller - Requires only one mechanical seal, reduces maintenance needs and time.
  • Simple Design with Few Mechanical parts
  • Front Pull Out - Reduced maintenance.
  • Conical Distribution - The circulation of the seal liquid is by pressure differential - No recirculation pump is required.
  • Axial Regulation of the Rotor - Easy check and adjustment of the impeller clearance.
  • Tailor Made Design - Optimized efficiency and performance through modifications to the conical distributor, casing and/or impeller.

Our compressor product line is available as single stage or two stage. By handling higher capacities with less energy, our compressors reduce power and operating costs.


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