Equipment Audits & Analysis


Ensure operational integrity and minimize unplanned maintenance with regular system audits & analysis performed by a Garo Service Technician. With annual equipment audits, we can make suggestions to optimize performance, and recommend a specific maintenance plan to keep your process running smoothly. 

The Benefits

Operational & System Audits
We visit the site while the compressors are operating and:

  • Record temperature readings of key areas
  • Evaluate operation for early indications of problems
  • Examine conditions of ancillary equipment that are vital to maintaining compressor reliability
  • Conduct visual inspection of the package before work begins
  • Provide a detailed report outlining the data for each compressor, with recommendations for operators and maintenance staff

Internal Analysis - Fiberscope Inspection
Performed on site by a Garo Service Technician

  • Inspection of the compressors internal components using a fiberscope camera
  • Identify visible wear or damage that may cause loss of efficiency
  • Provide written report with photographs of the internal components, description of the findings and estimates of efficiency and performance degradation
  • Recommendations for prioritizing required repairs
  • Notification of any issue that would affect the safe operation of the compressor performance


*As a part of Gardner Denver, Garo customers have access to Garo facilities and Nash Service & Repair centers around the world.