Performance and Reliability Upgrades

Garo Compressors And Compressors Upgrades


Recognized globally for reliability and efficiency, GARO liquid ring compressors are developed with expert knowledge, a long history of experience, and a steadfast commitment to innovation. This is what drives our constant search for new ways to improve performance, reduce meant time between failures, and streamline our customers operations and maintenance practices. That is why we are proud to introduce innovative performance and reliability upgrades. Available exclusively from GARO, our upgrades can help you extend the reliability and performance of your equipment.

Enhanced Bearing Barrier Kit

Give your compressor a new life with the exclusive GARO Enhanced Bearing Barrier Kit, designed to prevent the ingress of contaminant and the egress of lubrication.

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Fluid Indicator & Purge Demister Kit

Extend bearing life and compressor reliability with the right levels of clean, uncontaminated lubricant. Equipped with Liquid Level Gauges, this kit allows for constant monitoring of compressor oil levels and cleanliness. 

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Forced Lubrication Kit

Improve the lubrication of your unit thanks to the specially designed GARO Forced Lubrication Kit. This innovative  oil circulation system provides continuous lubrication and cooling to the bearings while they are in operation.

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Heading Fan Kit

Designed for both, single and double stage units. The rotating fan and specially designed blades help to cool the thrust bearing and the surrounding area, extending the life expectancy of the bearings and reliability of the compressor.

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HVOF/Thermal Spray Coating

Revolutionary in the world of liquid ring compressor maintenance, the GARO High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) is an innovative thermal spray coating process. This durable coating improves compressor reliability and life expectancy,  and can even repair worn compressor parts that would typically need to be replaced!

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Tool Kits

Specialized for GARO maintenance, our OEM tool kits allow your on-site maintenance staff to make adjustments and repairs as needed. 

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