Installation & Commissioning

Garo Professional Installation & Commissioning


With Garo Installation and Commissioning you can ensure a technically sound start-up supervised by a Garo Service Technician. We ensure on-site performance meets design specifications, and will provide baseline performance readings that provide valuable information for ongoing maintenance.

The Benefits

Inventory Check

  • Verify that all product has arrived on site
  • Check for on-transit damage
  • Verify that there are no missing items

Erection & Installation

  • Supervise the erection of the entire package
  • Provide final assembly check following installation, before system tie in

Pre-commissioning Activities

  • Supervise mechanical and electrical activities ensuring completion and communication
  • Perform site diagnostics with the customer

Commissioning and Start-up

  • Provide both a mechanical and performance test up to rated specifications
  • Provide test reports

Site Training

  • Provide operation overview and training
  • Provide maintenance overview and training