Health, Safety, & Environmental

Garo is committed to conducting business in a safe working environment that is sustainable and healthy for all employees, customers, partners and contractors.

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At Garo, we adopt the best practices and standards in the fields of health, safety and environment, and are held accountable to OHSAS and ISO certifications in these areas.

Copies of policies and current certificates can be accessed in the Downloads Center.

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The commitments of Garo include:

  • Identify and manage risks and environmental impacts associated with their activities
  • Provide appropriate resources and provide adequate support to ensure compliance with health, safety and environment standards
  • Reduce risk of injury and promote the health and welfare at work forof its employees
  • Continuously monitor and update the requirements for health and safety in our operation
  • Minimize the impact of our activities on the environment
  • Comply with legal obligations and other regulatory requirements and, where appropriate, integrate them with additional measures
  • Minimize the consumption of non-renewable energy, the production of non-recyclable waste and emissions to the atmosphere
  • Communicate and promote a culture of safety and the environment to which management, employees Garo and stakeholders (customers, suppliers) share these commitments