Ethylene Recovery Unit

An Ethylene Recovery Unit is a declination of the classic Flare Gas Recovery System (FGRS). Normally FGR systems are used in refineries or oil production plants to reduce flare emissions and recover waste gasses (most of the times carbon dioxide or H2S) that otherwise would be burnt and released into the atmosphere through the flare systems.

Garo Ethylene Recovery Unit & Engineered Ethylene Soluions

Gas flaring is not only necessary in the Oil & Gas industry, but also at some chemical and petrochemical facilities, like ethylene or olefins plants.

Nowadays, this industry is taking serious efforts to reduce this occurrence.

The aim is not only to help reduce emissions of air pollutants, noise and light coming from flare stacks, but also to recover usable resources.

Moreover, in some countries, the regulations on the GHG emissions or the so-called carbon taxes are bringing operators to think about unnecessary gas flaring.
For all these reasons, it is easy to understand that it is convenient to recover rather than burn the flare gases.

Flare Gas Recovery Systems in Ethylene Production Plants

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Liquid Ring Compressors for Flare Gas Recovery