Delayed Coker

GARO liquid ring compressor systems can scrub coke fines better and result in less downtime than any other technology

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Our custom packaged solutions safely and reliably recover petroleum vapors vented from the coker blowdown process. Typically, the coke drums are steamed then vented to the blowdown system prior to the coke cutting process initiation.  The vapor from the blowdown process contains steam and hydrocarbon vapors.  The water vapor in the stream is condensed in the liquid ring system and the hydrocarbon vapors are compressed and sent to the fuel system.

The coker blowdown process is a semi-batch process with a large initial flow rate that slowly ramps down over an extended period of time.  The vapor stream composition also varies throughout the entire blowdown process. To handle these conditions the GARO compressor system regulates itself according to the discontinuous and variable capacity of the delayed coker. This automation optimizes performance and reduces unplanned downtime.


Key Features

Low Pressure Delayed Coker Compression